"For the first time in a long time I’m enjoying my life again." - Academic
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Joe Armstrong

Joe Armstrong


"I cannot express enough how helpful my experience with Joe has been. I have struggled with confidence issues and low self-esteem throughout my life, and after a particularly rocky period I decided to try counselling. Working with Joe allowed me to look back at some of the reasons why I took such a negative view of myself, and I began to criticise the thought processes that were leading me to feel so low. I can now recognise negative patterns, and use the skills that I have learnt with Joe to deconstruct these feelings. For a long time I felt unable to appreciate the good things because they were so clouded by my problems, but I can now truly enjoy my own life. Getting some self-respect has also allowed me to recognise when I am being taken advantage of or mistreated by others, and life has become much easier as a result! I was also very grateful for Joe's compassionate and supportive manner, and I felt comfortable discussing very personal and often painful information with him. Overall, I am a much more confident person, and this has been picked up on by my family and friends. Thank you for all your help Joe!" Medical Student

"Before seeing Joe, I really struggled to deal with stressful situations and when these did occur, my reaction was to become suicidal. To try and combat this, I lead a very regimented and structured life to try and avoid any stressful situations. Joe was very patient and helped me work through my issues using EMDR which allowed me to address certain memories which caused me to live my life the way I did. After a few sessions with Joe, I was starting to lead a more flexible life and being able to go out socialising without having panic attacks. My ability to deal with stress and my self esteem has improved greatly and I'm so thankful for that".

"My anxiety and panic attacks had become a huge obstacle in my everyday life. It had come to affect my work, social life and even prevented me from leaving the house at times. By the time I sought help from Joe I had come to believe I would never have a life without anxiety. After only a few sessions of therapy my confidence in overcoming my anxiety grew as Joe listened and showed me how I could change my thinking styles and behaviour to improve my state of mind. His therapy sessions have provided me with practical skills for overcoming anxiety as well as allowing me to see situations from a different perspective. I could not be more thankful to Joe for his help, support and understanding. Seeing him was the best decision I could have made.  I can now move forward and enjoy my life again."

"Anxiety was never a part of my life growing up, then suddenly, for no obvious reason it appeared in my late 20's. It had the effect of turning previously enjoyable or simple situations into occasions that I would fear in advance and not be able to relax and enjoy at the time. I always felt the risk that it would spread to other areas of my life and eventually change the way I would approach things on a day to days basis. I was lucky that it seemed to diminish over time but I was also aware that it had never completely disappeared and that was what lead me to counseling and fortunately to contact Joe. He helped me see that I could consciously change how anxiety affected me and, that with the right approach, loosen its grip on my life. My only regret is that I did not contact him sooner!" Customer Service Assistant

"I have spent most of my life thinking I didn't quite fit in, and this really affected my social life, personal life, and more recently, my working life. I always felt that people were judging me negatively, and after the first session with Joe, I realised that I actually had a recognisable phobia which stemmed from when I was young.  After only one or two sessions with Joe I managed to start overcoming some of my issues, and after 7 or 8 sessions I am now comfortable dealing with situations I couldn't handle before. I cannot thank Joe enough, for his unjudgemental manner, and his expertise in recognising my issues from day one, issues I hadn't recognised in myself before.  His help and support has been invaluable in getting my life back."  HGV Driver

“Thanks Joe for your patient and considered approach during our therapy sessions. I felt supported and secure during our sessions. I was anxious about opening up myself to another person as I had never done this with anybody before. I was also anxious about coming to "therapy", as I had never done this before and thought it was for other people. I wish I had come to you earlier. I felt as if a load was lifted off my back after our sessions and I had a much better understanding of my thinking process. I also appreciate the open approach you took that allowed accommodation of my spiritual and meditation practices. I can "see" things much clearer now.” Company Director

“I cannot thank you enough for your help. I am more in control of my thoughts when faced with situations I would have previously found unmanageable. I have gained techniques and learned things about myself that I will never forget and will be able to use for the rest of my life.” Teacher

“I had always just thought what I thought and felt what I felt, but this had got me into trouble. Joe helped me to see that there might be other ways of understanding things. By putting what I have learned into practice I am developing a more positive, helpful and realistic outlook, and learning to be happier.” Sales Consultant

"I first came to Joe for help because I was struggling with my studies. Though I was capable of meeting the academic demands of the course, I was having problems with motivation, concentration and my overall sense of direction. Joe did not magically make me feel better, but through close listening and intelligent questioning, he clarified my thinking around this issue and helped me to see how it was really the expression of deeper-lying problems. Life now, some six months after I finished therapy, is considerably easier. Not all of this was directly down to Joe, but I have little doubt that going to see him was the initial leap that made my subsequent progress possible. He has a gentle, attentive manner, asks extremely pertinent questions and I would recommend him to my closest friends without hesitation if they were experiencing difficulties." PhD Student

“For years I was plagued by anxiety and worries that I battled with practically every day. With Joe's help I learned methods that enabled me to cope with my anxiety and how to stop myself sliding into an endless cycle of worry after worry. For the first time in a long time I'm enjoying my life again.” Teacher

“I came to counselling because my marriage was breaking up... I had lost my confidence and wasn't sure who I was anymore. Counselling helped me to come to terms with some past hurts and put them behind me. I'm beginning to like myself again and am optimistic about the future.Nurse

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