Fees and payments

Details of fees, payments and cancellation charges are detailed below and will also be contained within a Therapy Agreement document if you decide to proceed to treatment sessions after your initial assessment.

Self-funding clients

Fees for assessment and treatment sessions for clients who are paying for their own therapy are as follows:

  • Initial Assessment Consultation (1 hour) - £110
  • Treatment Sessions (1 hour) - £110

Third-party funded clients

Fees for clients being funded by a third-party vary and are contractually agreed with them on an individual basis.

If your treatment is being funded by private medical insurance you will need to provide your policy or membership number and authorisation code when booking an appointment. Please also be aware that you may be liable for any excess payment on your policy, and that missed appointments may be deducted from the overall number of sessions that have been authorised.

Cancellation charges

Like most self-employed practitioners I operate a strict cancellations policy to ensure I manage my time well. In order to do so the following charges will apply where insufficient or no notice if provided to cancel an appointment:

  • Late Cancellations – cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice are charged at 50% of the full session fee
  • Non-attendance – non-attendance for a pre-arranged session without prior notification will incur a charge of the full session rate

Payment options

Fees for self-funding clients are payable on a session-by-session basis at the end of each session or via bank transfer in advance of each session. Payment options include:

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer (24 hours in advance of session) or 
  • Via the Pay For A Session link at the bottom of this page

Additional non-chargeable support

  • Brief telephone or email support between sessions
  • Liaison regarding your care, with your permission and if required, with other healthcare professionals (e.g. GP)
  • Initial telephone consultation to answer any questions about my services and how I might be able to help.

Get in touch with Dr Armstrong 

  • To arrange a free 15-minute telephone conversation to discuss your concerns
  • To find out more about the services he offers
  • To book an appointment